“The students that have graduated from Mountain Laurel Academy thrive in college and in life, due to the unique high school education they received.”
— MLA Graduate, 2018

Happy Families

“Meg and Jeff’s love and passion for these students goes above and beyond any teacher I have ever known. They chose to sacrifice everything in order to make sure the kids would have a safe and nurturing place to finish their high school careers.”

— Graduate parent, 2016

“The teachers at this institution are well qualified and are passionate about education. This is reflected in how engaged the students and teachers are in their respective classrooms. Every attempt has been made to make classes challenging and engaging.”

— visiting teacher, 2017

“At Mountain Laurel Academy, students who are ready, take a more substantial role in their own education thus leading to a student who is truly ready for the workforce or college. Students who aren’t quite ready for that responsibility are helped along and given support until they are able to be more independent learners.”

— visiting principal, 2018

“Their methods of education prepare students for the real world unlike any other school I’ve ever seen. Not only do they teach the core subjects - math, literature, history, etc., they also teach problem solving, critical thinking, life preparedness classes, and even a flight class.”

— MLA graduate, 2018


“Ms. Norris and Mr. Hites have created a school where students are able to grow academically as well as emotionally and socially. MLA is a school that is different than your normal brick and mortar school building.”

— PARENT, 2018

“Mountain Laurel Academy provides a safe, engaging, accepting and nurturing environment where students can love to learn. It is truly a special place and a needed addition to our community.”

— PARENT, 2017

“I believe in the founders of this school and what they strive to instill in their students. I have been involved with several private schools through the years and have never met anyone like them.”

— parent, 2016

“The amazing low student-to-teacher ratio gives students a huge learning advantage. The personalized academic curriculum is geared to the needs of the student, not just fitting them into a class-level mold.”

— parent, 2018