Admission & Tuition

Swimming with cells in VR biology.

Swimming with cells in VR biology.

Lunch out in Jasper.

Lunch out in Jasper.

Shark dissection.

Shark dissection.


The admission process will include a visit to the Center and an interview with the student, parents, and faculty to discuss the unique learning process and student, and family, responsibilities. This will also include discussing curriculum options, student needs, family and Center expectations and to assess grade, and class, placement. Specific class selections, schedule, and curriculum choices will be determined on an individual basis according to student’s educational background, prior testing, graduation requirements/needs, student interests, and input from student, family, and faculty. Final determination will be based on the best interests of the student as agreed upon by the family.


Students are required to attend the Center during the hours scheduled for their grade level. (15 hrs MS, 16.5 hr HS are minimum requirement by GA law, although MLA requires 17 for MS and 19 for HS) Students will sign in, and out, each day they attend.


Families will purchase required textbooks. No “Common Core” texts will be used
and all efforts will be made to use older editions to minimize cost. It is recommended that, whenever possible, a second set of text books is purchased. This will prevent the students from having to carry all their books every day and prevent them from missing books needed for independent study days.

Commitment Agreements

MLA is a non-profit enterprise, which operates on a narrow budget, planned around the number of students we are contracted to serve. All families sign a commitment agreement agreeing to cover their share of tuition for 1 year. The agreement outlines withdrawal conditions.

Graduation Requirements

Our graduation requirements match the state requirements at a minimum. In working with colleges we have added requirements we have found to be necessary for acceptance into many 4 year schools.

English 4 units
Mathematics 4 units
Science 4 units
Social Studies 3 units (most colleges want 4)
Foreign Language, Latin, Technology 3 units (3 in language preferred, 1 technology is required by the state as of 2019-2020)
Physical Education & Health 1 unit (PE can be satisfied outside of classes)
Electives 4 units (1 fine art)

Total required for graduation: 23

Tuition & Fees (per student)

$6600 per year (paid over 10 or 12 months)
Application Fee $50
Supply Fee $400 (one time fee per year)
Activity Fee $500 (paid with tuition over 10 months at $50 per month)
Special Trip Fee Additional fees my be charged for overnight excursions or events (ie. Trips to 4-H camps)


A scholarship fund has been established to assist families with financial aid based on their financial need and other factors. Assistance is available as determined by our scholarship fund reserve. This will require an application and some financial information to initiate the process. Final determination is made at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

Students receiving scholarship assistance will be required to meet certain attendance and achievement minimums. Failure to meet these minimum requirements may result in revocation of the scholarship. Prior to any revocation, the parents will be notified, and the student given ample opportunity to remedy any deficits.